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Five out of six people in the American church don’t know what The Great Commission is.

The Missions Course is a 6-week course designed for you and the people you lead.

It reveals God’s heart for the nations and invites believers to join him in his plan for redemption. It introduces Christians to the mission that God has already given them, and invites them to take a speaking role in His global story!


Theological Orthodoxy

We’re committed to keeping the main things the main things. Any evangelical church pastor can be confident that our missiology is biblical and orthodox, without getting into sticky non-essential topics where there is room for disagreement.

First-Class Experience

We believe everyone should have access to quality missions training. And we believe it should be exceptional. We are committed to the highest quality experience for our church facilitators, speakers, and participants.

Full-Service Coordination

Coordinating a course like this takes significant time and work, and we know you don’t have the time for this. That is why we handle almost all of the coordination for you, with our team of nine people. That includes putting together the content, coordinating logistics, and handling registrations and payments. We handle all the things you don’t want to—just show up!

Want to Bring The Missions Course To Your Church? We Make It Simple.

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